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    We hope that this web site will educate you about Montana State Noxious Weeds in a user friendly, how-to, information, link and picture packed series of pages.  The students of Whitehall High School (who have researched and written over 90% of this site) are dedicated to Integrated Pest (Weed) Management (IPM), which means this site will inform you of any and all reasonable methods possible to help you fight your 'War On Weeds.'  
    The students of WHS and the students involved in the summer Whitehall Project received the Montana Youth Weed Fighting Group Of The Year award for 2002 from the Montana Weed Control Association (MWCA) at their annual convention in January of '03.
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Note: Because the WHS science classes do not update this site yearly any more, parts of this site are slowly becoming out of date.  Still, many sections are very useful to those seeking knowledge about how to control noxious weeds.  Also, the weed ID and biological control agents are more up-to-date.  Todd Breitenfeldt, retired WHS science teacher, Whitehall Project Coord., site supervisor, June, 2016.

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Spurgia esulae gall on leafy spurge.  Also notice the leafy spurge flea beetle (Aphthona spp.) on a leaf and the flea beetle feeding damage to several leaves.  Photo by Todd Breitenfeldt, July, 2013.
Montana Bio-control Guide
Biological Weed Control Using Insects - A Field Guide For Montana
This is a large .pdf file of this guide.  This guide is available at most County Weed District offices.
Note: this guide is being updated summer, 2016.

One thousand mixed leafy spurge flea beetles just collected, sorted and placed into an insect container with spurge foliage for transport.  Photo by: Todd Breitenfeldt, July 2013.

Cyphocleonus achates - the knapweed root boring weevil on a spotted knapweed flower.  This is a newly released weevil that we collected and the land manager released on an infestation of the weed.
Photo by: Grif Heath, 8-2013.

Jaapiella ivannikovi gall on 
Russian knapweed  (Centaurea repens).  These gall forming midges are a new biological control agent for Russian knapweed.  We are now growing these in our insectary at Whitehall, MT.  6-18-13.  We will have these available for release on very selective sites this summer.  You must be able to mow or weed-eat the site 1-2 weeks before the release date to stimulate the production of new Russian knapweed shoots.  This new shoot growth stimulates the midge larvae to emerge as adults, lay eggs in the new stems and form new galls.
In Montana, contact: Todd Breitenfeldt 406-498-5236 for more information.
Photo by: Todd Breitenfeldt, June, 2013.
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Some of the 2016 Whitehall Project crew collecting Oberea and leafy spurge flea beetles south of Whitehall, June, 2016.
MWCA January, 2008 Annual Meeting
Montana Governor and First Lady's Math & Science Initiative, Knapweed Insectary


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