Award Winners And Speakers For 2006 At MWCA Annual Confrence

Weed Fighter of the YearMike Mooney
Mike Mooney, BLM

Agency Weed Fighter of the Year

Clinton Phipps, Garfield County
Weed Fighters United

Carol Bearden, Kim Johnson, Tonda Moon, Dept. of Ag

Outstanding Weed District

Jason Smith, Powell County
Youth Award
Townsend Bug and Weed Mapping Kids
Broadwater County

Weed Stopper Award

Mark Blomberg and Scott Fillingham, Ravalli County
Industry Award

Shawn Jones, J2 Weed Control

Weed Board Member of the Year Award

Johnnie Johnson, Richland County
Monumental Screw-up of the Year 
Fire ManScrew up #2
Todd Maki and Terry "Tordon" Turner

Outstanding Commissioner Award

Dave Schulz, Madison county
Barb Mullin Lifetime Acheivement Award
 Barb Mullin award winner
Judee Wargo

    award winner1