"Smoke" That Weed
Joliet Teacher starts War on Weeds for Wildlife.
    On August 11th through the13th Todd Breintenfeldt conducted a War on Weeds educational class at the Whitehall High School.  Todd made us aware of the Biological controls that are used to fight weeds and how those controls can be use on the War on Weeds.  On of the major concerns is the loss of wildlife habitat.  Read the links below and up date your education on weeds in Montana.

Bugle Boy

Picture of spotted knapweed
Click here to discover how much money and land are lost in the fidht against Noxious Weeds in Montana per year.  http://montana.plant-life.org/page_weeds.htm
Picture of leafy spurge
Click here to discover biological agents that can be use in controling noxious weeds.

Picture of yellow toadflax
What can you do about weeds.  Click here to learn more about the Montana Weed Management Plan.

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