Cultural Control of: Sulfur (erect) Cinquefoil (Potentilla recta)

Sheep: Eliminates the seed source. (2)  Minimal growth reduction. (2)  Good to use with reseeding. (2)

Goats: Eliminates the seed source. (2)  Minimal growth reduction. (2)  Good to use with reseeding. (2)

Tilling (Plowing): Works if all of the weed is removed. (2) Sometimes it is ineffective so it won't work. (10)

Hand Pulling: Hand pulling or chopping works if the upper portion of the weed's root is removed. (1) You can hand pull if you wear gloves and pull small patches. (10)

Controlled Burning: It gets rid of the dead weeds but is not hot enough to effect the seeds. (2)

Seeding/Reseeding: Will work if other control methods are added to get rid of the seed sources. (2) Reproduction is by seeds. (9)

Watering: This is recommended because by watering the plant is helps the plant spread its seeds around so it can reproduce. (10)

Fertilizing: No data available.

Grazing Methods: Most other animals besides sheep and goats will not control it very well. (2) Livestock also eats this. (9) There is some evidence that the seeds of Cinquefoils can pass through the digestive tract of livestock and remain viable. (9)

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By Billy Crane and Tyler Lack .
Updated by: Jessica Ward. 3/7/06.

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