Second Graders
Gone Weed Wild

    Whitehall High School Sophomores Levi Simon and Cody Simons taught a class of Whitehall 2nd graders about the weed spotted knapweed.  Mrs.Vanausdol  was nice enough to let us teach to her class. 
    Here is what we taught them: We asked them if they knew what weeds were and then we asked if they could identify spotted knapweed out of a whole bunch of pictuers. Then we went over a couple of ways spotted knapweed is spread and how it is harmful, overall the kids really understood the idea of what it is and how they can help to put a stop to it.

Below are some pictures from the class taught by WHS. Sophomores Cody Simons and Levi Simon!!!
These were colored by Mrs.Vanausdol's 2nd graders.

Brenden's Pic                
1st place went to Brenden 

Kaya Got 2nd
2nd Place went to Kaya Welch
We did not publish the other seven fine pictures due to lack of room on this web page.

Cody and levi Got last
Last Place went to Cody and Levi
We enjoyed coloring also!!

The above placements were picked by the students of Mrs.Vanausdol's 2nd grade class.

Curriculum: What we did first was find pictures to color from ( which is a great web site for plant/weed coloring books. Then we went and made sure that a classroom was available, after that we set up a time, and finally went down and taught a second grade class.

Written By: Cody Simons and Levi Simon,  3/6/2007.