Weed & Weed Control Links
 A compiled list of the top 104  Noxious Weeds of USDA-APHIS in GRIN (Germplasm Resources Information Network). Information available includes: species/genus/family names, range, common names, general data on each weed  

 Colorado Weed Management Association gives a catalogue of around twenty weed sites as well as both basic and detailed information about weed management in Colorado and basic weed control for the United States. This site gives detailed information for the top thirty weeds of Colorado, many of which are problems in Montana as well.  

 Crop Protection Green Book, must subscribe for information on subjects from company and product names to information about weeds and other pests.  

 North American Weed Management Association, gives details about the basic structure of their organization as well as the basic information and a list of weeds and other basic information.   

 Weed Science Society of America: gives information on the society, treatment of weed problems using herbicides, an index of over 200 herbs in North America and detailed information on each, photos, and related topic links.  

 National Biological Control Institute: A comprehensive site on integrated pest and biological management, gives links to APHIS, as well as basic organizational information.  

 Cornell Biocontrol Site, large database of Parasitoids, Predators, Pathogens and Weed Feeders. Option for searching and list of other links. Good Site, recommended.  
  http://www.nysaes.cornell.edu/ent/ The parent site for above: Different Etymology links available as well as more pest management information.  

 Jointed Goatgrass Page, available basic information, pictures, genetic information, as well as links and opportunity to get additional information on this subject  
 Another Jointed Goatgrass page out of the University of Wyoming.  
 Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds. Basic infrastructure for weed site organization, not much hard information.  
 The National Park Service Integrated Pest Management Manual, basic information on weed control from the national park service basic pest information, et cetera, some info on leafy spurge, and so forth.  

 Environmental Protection Agency, contains several resources on weeds and weed management. Use the search function to get specific results.   

  Legal information from the University of Montana concerning the presence of noxious weeds on privately owned land.  

 Pest Management Titles on CD-ROM- a list of informational sources from Colorado State University  

 Department of the Interior, April 298, 1997 National Weed Update- good information about all 50 states and their weed problems, comprehensive summaries of national weed laws.  Links to the department of the interior at---16.  

 Department of the Interior: basic biological information for the US and a search option to find relevant topics of interest.  

 http://www.epa.gov/fedrgstr/EPA-IMPACT/1997/October/Day-17/i27327.htm Environmental Protection Agency- Weed Brief, legal information on weed procedures within the state of Montana.  

 Sheep and Noxious Weed Control- information on sheep grazing and control of noxious weeds.  

 USDA APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine Aphis Home, gives easy links to such topics as: ---APHIS' current authority on noxious weeds.  
 --Factsheet Protecting U.S. Agriculture from Noxious Weeds.  
 --APHIS policy on noxious weeds.  
 --APHIS Weed Policy Implementation Plan. 
 --Guidelines for risk assessments for proposed noxious weeds.  
 --Listing of Federal Noxious Weeds.  

 Montana Noxious weed surveying and mapping- organization whose objective is to augment to Montana's state weed control by mapping, tracking, etc. noxious weed movment and growth. Slide show, links, and so forth.  

 Pestweb- large site dedicated to pests in the US- weeds included. Use search and government links to find what you're looking for.  

 Noxious Weeds and Wildfire control "NOXIOUS WEEDS AND WILD FIRES  
 MANAGEMENT COMPARISONS" - out of the University of Utah, Steven Dewy writes about the spread of noxious weeds in the west.  

 AAA Weed & Pasture, Inc. - Commercial site aimed at providing necessary weed removal tools for Montana residents.   

 Managing Noxious Weeds: Colorado State University- details on how to mangage specific weeds as well as a general overview ("rules of thumb")  

 Weed Link List 1997- a bunch of well-sorted links to many weed pages, linked to from: 29  
 Environmental Weeds Home page:  based at CALMScience's Western Australian Herbarium (PERTH),  links weeds pages of major weeds organizations and weeds links pages in Western Australia, Australia and overseas, also provides access to news on local weed events and links to pages devoted to specific weeds.  

 Excellent image database for common weeds, a wealth of pictures, listed in alphabetical order, many pics available for each plant in most cases. Basic information on control and habitat as well.  Refer to the Rutger's Cooperative Extention  home site at Http://www.rce.rutgers.edu for more information on these weeds and their effects on agriculture.  

 University of California Davis: California Noxious weed Control Projects Inventory  
 A combined government/private/non-profit effort to establish a database, accessible through the Internet, containing information on noxious weed control in California.  

 The Noxious Weeds of North America project is part of the National Atlas of the United States, and is a cooperative effort between the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS)-Biological Resources Division (BRD). provide timely information about the noxious weeds that infest much of North America  

 Introduced, Non-Native Plant Species In Colorado (Refer to link #2)  

 Alberta Agriculture: Weed information including: Aquatic Weeds, Broad-leaved Weeds, Eradication Programs, Grasses, Poisonous Plants, and Weed Control In Direct Seeding. Detailed site, outline format, each weed has these categories: [ Life Cycle | Emergence | Flowers | Reproduction | Competition | Management Strategy ] of information.  

 Canada Thistle Fact sheet, extreme detail, includes a map of most high concentrated areas of the thistle, pictures, and comprehensive descriptions of the weed and its habitat.  

 Impact of Invasive Plants on  Species and Habitats at Risk in Canada by Erich Haber National Botanical Services, Ottawa. Detailed analysis of the effects of invasive plants on already-established ecosystems.  

 Invasive Plants of Canada. Extremely detailed information on 10 Invasive Exotic Plants of Canada in Fact Sheet form. Pictures, range information, so on. Good resource.  

 Weed Link List 1997- huge database of links to various places in the weed war on the world wide web. Compiled by Patrick Pigott, well worth a look for the sheer volume of links.  

 Environmental Weed home page, beginning of an Australian project, and a good way to compare and contrast the weed programs on different continents. Good for research of weed erradication.  

 Invasive Weeds: A Growing Pain (tour of sorts) Bureau of land management "beginning point" for a continuous slide-like show of weed information. Educational for the basics, but not too in-detail.  

 Plant Pests UNL AgNIC Plant Sciences Page offers a wide range of plant-related issues from integrated resources, included are plant-eating insects, plant diseases and weed links.  

 Pest Law online- Legal service dealing with the detailed rules and regulations pertaining to pest (i.e. weed/insect/disease) management and legal issues. Disclaimer included, remember to read "conditions of use"  

 Plant Protection and Quarantine- traveling information plus regulations about traveling with certain types of produce, plants, et cetera. Information about obtaining permits for scientific study, so forth.  

 "Where do weeds come from?" university of Nebraska weed page; this NebGuide discusses weed seed entry and loss from the soil, and provides examples of the density and diversity of the soil weed seed population.  
 King County (WA) noxious weeds. Localized project for weed awareness. Useful for weed information spread, reference to different programs.  

 Natural Capital Research Group: Noxious Weeds (University of Maryland)The Natural Capital Research Group is currently researching various economic related issues dealing with invasive plants (Noxious Weeds). This page is currently under construction.  

 Aphis Mailing list link. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal  
 and Plant Health Inspection Service has created an automated mailing list to  
 promote interactive information sharing on the topic of noxious weeds.  

 List of Nationally Recognized Noxious Weeds (federally) Alphabetically organized scientific names of the nationally recognized noxious weeds. Genus, Species, and sometimes family name included, plus additional information on occasion in brackets.  

 United States Department of Agriculture/ Natural Resources Conservation Service Plants Project. Links to the National Plants Database Project, the National Plant Data Center, the Integrated Taxonomic Information System, and much more to do with plants and their place in the scientific world.  

 Scientific Services from the USDA, a collaboration with APHIS, this page offers many diverse links to biological programs within the United States. Link to APHIS library, other resources available.  

 Idaho One Plan pest management website. This site gives you many sources to help make pest management choices that are effective, economical, and safe for both the user and the environment. Major Pest management site- Expansive weed site at 56.  

 REF: page above, Specific to weed. Idaho has 35 different species of weeds which are designated noxious by state law. The spread of these weeds and the damage they do to agriculture can be lessened through proper identification and handling.The site is an online version of Idaho's Noxious Weeds, by Robert H. Callihan and Timothy W. Miller.  

 Kansas Noxious Weed State Program. Information on eighteen different types of noxious weeds including Canada Thistle. Detailed information is given on each weed and control practices that could be implemented while trying to rid an area of this weed.  
 Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (out of Wyoming) The CAPS program in Wyoming is maintaining databases on Biocontrol on noxious weeds and insects and surveys for cereal leaf beetle, gypsy moths, and karnal bunt. A great deal of weed information and links available on plants like Leafy Spurge, Dalmation toadflax, et cetera.  

 Weed Images and Descriptions (Rutgers University Agricultural Station). Huge alphabetized list of more than one hundred weeds. Out of New Jersey. Great for information and detailed photographic descriptions.  

 National Agriculture Pest Information System, pest and biocontrol information. Large alphabetized list of mixed pests, including weeds and insects. Out of Purdue University.  

http://www.forages.css.orst.edu/Resources/Publications/GLF8_1993/Papers/HowWeeds        Affect/beck.asc  
 Weed Document: Research report, by K. George Beck, Associate Professor of Weed Science at Colorado State University. Sited document gives basic background of weeds and their effect on society.  

 Arizona Noxious Weeds Rangeland Management Homepage. Information about noxious weeds and their control on rangelands. Arizona will be covered as a first step, with other states to follow. Basic links and information on Arizona from the site itself.  

 National Strategy for Invasive Plant Management- basic documentation of the guidelines for weed control and eradication. Several articles and subheadings, plus links.  

 Natural Resources Conservation Service. Search options for the topic you want to research, valuable government links and information if needed. Not specified to weeds or pest management, but info can be found through it.  

 United States Geological Survey Biological Resource Division. Expansive and quick site that can be used for researching capacity. Search for scientific information by state. Not specified to weeds or pest management, but info can be found through it.  

 Ontario Vegetation Management Association (OVMA). Detailed information on 24 types of noxious weeds, including but not limited to: pictures, environmental impact, basic seeding and plant information, and possible meathods of control.  
 Noxious Weed Education (Washington State University) Basically a site for the Washington area for contact information in case of finding; also, some information on commonly found weeds in  the area. A link to the Washington State noxious weed control board also available.  

 Utah Noxious weed Program. Many noxious weed lists, both for Utah specifically and the Western States in General. Several law references available, as well as registration for Utah landowners.  

 "what's so bad about noxious weeds? Small breif about understanding Noxious weeds, with snippets about the management, social implications, et cetera. More an overview of weeds than specific or detailed information.  

 Weed Guide: Dow Agro Sciences. Some lists of common weeds as well as noxious- basic information (though not in-depth) on each - about a sentence or two.  
 Biological Control of Noxious weeds : report of sorts, outlines alternative routes to spraying in the process of eliminating noxious weeds from a specific area, in this case,  Fairchild Air Force Base, in Washington. The site outlines a process for cutting down on the usage of spraying for weeds from Gerald T. Johnson,  Natural Resources Program Manager  

 Noxious Weeds & Weed Laws. Small slideshow-like presentation about the definition of noxious weeds,  the categories of noxious weeds and what they mean, and some information on how to obtain more detailed info. Very general.  

 University Of Montana INVADERS Database system. The INVADERS software is a computerized catalogue of plant names and an enhanced electronic atlas of weed distribution data. The site itself  is a basic, comprehensive database of exotic plant names and distribution information for the northwestern United States.  

 Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP) is developing a new   management strategy for public land administered by the two agencies in eastern Oregon   and Washington, Idaho, western Wyoming, western Montana and portions of northern Utah  and northern Nevada; this is their site. Pretty much skin and bones at the minute, but could fill out soon, as it seems to be a work in progress.  

 Another APHIS page about the affect of noxious weeds on agriculture in the United States If you would like a tour of this page and the rest of the massive APHIS database, click "guided tours" at the bottom of the screen.  

 Nova Scotia Noxious Weeds:: Description and photos to identify noxious weeds in Nova Scotia and methods to control them.Blueweed, Coltsfoot, Field Bindweed, Jimson Weed, Ragweed, Leafy Spurge, Ragweed, Poison Ivy, and more.  

 Oregon Noxious Weeds site, The Oregon Field Guide's list of noxious weed links. Some great links.  

 Research on managing noxious weeds designed to improve the understanding of the ecology and impact of noxious weeds, as well as  to develop and test management techniques. From the forest service of Brittish Columbia. Many options and projects to look through.  

 Weed science Reference Desk (Iowa State University) Huge list of links in many categories, Including: product control labels, weed control guides, weed identification, and weed science societies.  

 Weed Identification game out of the University of Minnesota Morris... observe full grown plants and try to match them with descriptions of their seedlings. Designed to be "fun and educational"  

 International Weed Science Society. Basic organizational outlines. Good for those who want to become a part of the international weed control community.  

 Multifaceted weed managment page that will automatically configure a weed prevention and control format at the push of a drop down menu. Information on weed eradication available quickly and easily.  
 Utah BLM Weed management program, contains basic weed information, weed control information, and common weeds within the state of Utah for Utah residents to avoid and report should they see them growing nearby.  

 Integrated Pest Management for New York State: varied information on pest control and its effect on New York agriculture, et cetera.  

 Weeds Home Page, Information on weed biology, several types of weed control including summer and perennial growth. Varied weed science links.  

 Agrolink: huge agricultural website with information on any farming or ranching related topic you can think of..including weeds.  

 Large collection of links to various weed pages. 

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