Nelson Godbolt

Nelson showing Nancy Schweitzer the damage the knapweed root boring weevils Cyphocleonus achates can do to the root.

Birth date: March 8, 1989
Born in:
Greely, CO
Nickname: High Octane  
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color:  Brown
Favorite Snaple:Raspberry
Favorite Gum: Watermelon Twist
Most Hated Noxious Weed:
Favorite Biocontrol Agent:  Flea Beetle
Favorite Insectary Tool: Hoe (a dirty one)
Favorite Collecting Site:  Grassrange

Biography-  Haven't done anything important enough for my brain to recall, so this is all you get.

Best parts of the job:
  Dealing with the girls
  Hail Schweitzer and Aushra
  Dane Cook "Where's the van" monkey says, "We gotta go"
  Renee, Josh, and the scared moose
  Visiting the torture palace
  The bosses
  Learning way to much about girls

Worst parts of the job
  Dealing with the girls
  Using hoes in the insectaries

 Quotes from random people that we run into on the job and, of course, coworkers.:

  " I kicked my shoes off in a fit of joy.  I like to drain the blood from my head monthy, I'm going to go puke shards of my pelvis over on this bush." -Dane Cook
  "I'm so in love" -Michaela
  "You're fired" -Breann Griffin
  "When I came here in 1932 I was a newcomer..." - Bob Lombardi
  "I love to see the elk and deer cross the mountainside" - Crazy land owner
  "Look a deer" -Same crazy landowner
  "for *&^%'s sake" - Me and the cowrkers
  "Don't diss" - Mr. B
  "Becarefull, I'm dangerous" - Mr. B
  "We didn't know the floors were waxed!"  Michaela telling enraged janitor and Aushra
  "Look a cute dog, and it's going to the pound" - Mr. B
  "So about the florida guy" - Me
   "At my age you never pass up a bathroom, never assume its a fart, and always use it"  -Mr. Battaiola