Alien Invasion Noxious Weed Curriculum - Work Shop Photos
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This was the first of many workshops teaching teachers how to use the Alien Invasion Noxious Weed Curriculum developed by a dedicated group of BLM employees and others.  This group of teachers will test drive the curriculum and work out any of the "bugs" as they use it with their students.

This is the core group of curriculum creators, presenters and teachers at the work shop in Bend, Oregon January, 2006.
The Attendees and Presenters!
Standing from left to right: Wes Pyne, Jeremy Whitman, Sue Thomas, Toni Fairchild, Sally White, Jim Grano, Terri Grimm, Katie Plato, Julie Schreck, Stevie Ruda, Lesley Richman, Teresa Kiely, Jean Garner, Susan Sahnow.
Kneeling left to right: Todd Breitenfeldt, Jared Larson, Dan Sherwin, Bob Budesa, Erin McConnell.  Not pictured:  Julie O'Leary.

The "Weeds"
Here are the presenters in their weedy outfits!  What Funnnnn!  (Can weeds be fun?  Yes!). HOME    

These photos are all resized to 100 dpi.  The original 230 dpi versions are available by e-mailing Todd at: