BLM, Butte Field Office Employees attend WHE Project Summer Class

John Sandford, Weed Coordinator, and Kirsten Boyle, Student Trainee - Weeds Specialist, attended the WHE Summer Class in August, 2004.  Both are BLM employees from the Butte Field Office which has worked with the Whitehall project for several years.  Over two days they were immersed in biological control - learning more about life cycles, collection, releasing, monitoring, and mapping.  Other interesting topics were building insectories and classroom outreach.

John Sandford
John Sandford is both the Weed Coordinator and a Range Conservationist at the Butte Field Office, BLM.  Here he is listening to an Oberea erythrocephala buzzing with an assist from Todd Breitenfeldt and Marijka Wessner.
Kirsten Boyle
Kirsten Boyle is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Land Management and Analysis, from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.  She is working for the BLM as a SCEP (Student Career Employment Position) which is an internship program available to high school, undergraduates, and graduate students. HOME  
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