The site.
2000 Pictures by: Ron Gibson, USDA Forest Service.  2005 photos by Todd Breitenfeldt and Mike Battaiola, Whitehall Project.

The photos below (years 2000 and 2005) show the long term effects of Cyphocleonus weevil damage to knapweed.  Note how the knapweed is decreasing in density and the native grasses and forbs are returning to the site.  There is still much knapweed at the site however, it is mostly smaller plants.  The larger plants are killed by the weevils.  The seedhead weevils Larinus, along with the Urophora gall flies are probably also contributing to this decrease in knapweed seeds in the soil seed bank.  There are a few Agapeta boring the knapweed roots at this site also.

Above: looking upstream towards Butte, MT.   Below: looking downstream along I-15 towards Basin, MT.

2000: above: Looking So. towards Butte, MT at area of damage along old road bed.  Boulder River and I-15 out of picture to left.  Note the area where most of the plants have been killed and the many sick and dying plants.  Mike Battaiola in back ground GPSing the site.  Many of the insects released on this site over the years have come from the Whitehall Insectary.

2005: Side hill from same position as above.  Much of the knapweed on the side hill in the far background is gone.

2000: From North end of site looking South.  Note damaged plants still evident and old cup from previous years release.

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