Jefferson Valley Conservation District
Golden Sunlight Mine
6th Grade Outdoor Festival
May 10, 2001
Candle Stick Ranch
Cardwell, MT

Event Supporters:                               More Images 1   [2]   [3]   [4]
-Golden Sunlight Mine
-Jeffeson IGA
-Ace Hardware
-Harrington Bottling
-Department of Natural Resources and Cons. / Conservation Districts Bureau
-Montana Association of Conservation Districts

Instructional Participating Agencies and Organizations:
Golden Sunlight Mine
Bureau of Land Management
Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks
U S Forest Service
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Federation of Fly Fishers
Jefferson High School
Whitehall High School
Mr. Gary Pace, Superintendent of Schools, Jefferson Co.

Event Instructors:
Forestry Jason Snellman / Joe Sampson
Fish  Ron Spoon
Biotic Index Steve McCauley
Weeds Todd Breitenfeldt / Kim Johnson
Wetlands Kurt Cunningham
Archeology Carrie Hoff
Geology Paul Buckley
Wildlife Kriss Douglass / Bernie Kuntz
Wetlands Matt Wilhelm / Chris Marosek
Soils Tony Rolfes

Images from the day:

Photo by: T. Breitenfeldt

Photo by: Justin Hofstad

More Images 1   [2]   [3]  [4]

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