Lincoln County High School Weed Project

Knapweed seedhead weevilThe Lincoln County High School Weed Project was initiated in July 2005 by science teacher Larry Benson, and Rae Lynn Benson, MSU Extension Agent/Lincoln County. Managing noxious weeds such as spotted knapweed, Dalmatian toadflax, leafy spurge and rush skeleton weed  has become a priority for landowners as well as county, state, and federal officials. A need to increase public weed awareness and education is also a primary objective.  

The project enables us to use biological methods, along with existing methods of control,  to begin a process of managing various species of weeds within our valley.  It also encourages the cooperation of numerous partners and gives students, as well as landowners, the opportunity to participate in effective, research-based                   Above:   knapweed seedhead weevil, Larinus minutus.
management tools  for land located within Lincoln County.         

larry and rae

Rae Lynn and Larry  pulling knapweed to be transplanted into the insectary.  This picture was taken near Whitehall.

planting knapweed
Leafy Spurge Links

Leafy Spurge Identification
Biological Control
Chemical Control

Larry using an accelerator to separate leafy spurge flea
beetles to be used for later release. 

                                                      Contact information: Larry Benson, Lincoln County High School (406)297-5700
                                                                            Rae Lynn Benson, MSU Extension, Lincoln County (406)296-9019
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