Montana Weed Control Association
Annual Meeting, January 11-13, 2000

Left: Vo-Ag Instructor: Jim Larson, Keep Up The Good Work!
Right: Dave Burch, 1999 Outstanding Weed District, Jefferson Co., Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Left: Excellent Job!
Right: From left: President- Jay Winfield, President Elect- Marty Malone, and Vice President- John (Badday) Day.  "Have fun boys....."

Left: "Wanted"
Right: 1999 Individual Youth Weed Fighter Award- Tyson Stratton.  Keep up the good work Tyson!

Left: Out going President Jack Eddie.  Great Job Jack!! 
Right: Who wants to go to Hawaii?  Winner: K. C. Person.

Left: Whitehall High School students: Ty Stratton, Kenzie Cowling, Nathan Chadwick, Loni Amos, and teacher Todd Breitenfeldt.  This crew made connections, took photos and, edited and demonstrated the web site during the meetings.
Right: Same good students. HOME      Please check our spelling on names...  Thanks.