Weed Poem

 I am what I am

I crave for light
But it is dark that I am
It is life that I give
And life that I take
My personage is beautiful
Nevertheless I chase away beauty
My leaves grow heavy
Drooping with death
Not my death however
But the death I create to obtain life
I am beautiful but deadly
And I permit life to only those who bring about death
I am a competitor
Taking away from those that were once native
My roots run deep and I spread rapidly
I inhibit growth in anything
Not only can I kill those on the ground
I am a predator and my prey is diverse
Because my prey is diverse
I lower diversity
Sucking life is my main objective
But it doesn't end there
I can make one famished
With a bite of my bud
I can take away an experience
With the sprout of my seed
I can change the way the water flows
With my simple existence
I am picky
So I make others compromise
Making them re-inhabit

By: R.I.   2/20/08.

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