Teaching Second and Third Graders About Dalmatian toadflax
By: Sam Friesz and Alex Schramm

    On Wednesday February 21, 2007 and Thursday February 22, 2007, Sam Friesz and Alex Schramm taught three classes of second and third graders.  The two second grade classes were, Mrs. VanAusdol and Mrs. Severance.  The third grade class was Mrs. Hibbard's/ Mrs. Carmody's class.  Mrs. Severance's second grade class were given pictures of a weevil to color and some will be placed on the web page.
    The class was taught about the noxious weed, Dalmatian toadflax.  The class learned about biological control using weevils and toadflax moths.  We taught the scientific names of the Dalmatian toadflax, the weevil, and the toadflax moth. They were taught one way of catching insects, and that was by sweep net. At the end of our slide show presentation, we asked the class questions about our presentation over what they had just learned.  We also played a game of "Pictionary".  They  were given four different  pictures to draw (weevil, toadflax moth, sweep net, and Dalmatian toadflax).  At the very end of our presentation we handed out candy for watching our presentation and playing our game. 

Our Power Point Presentation:
1. Dalmatian toadflax   
2. What is Dalmatian toadflax? 
3. What are noxious weeds?
4. How do we get rid of them? 
5. Weevils 
6. Moths 
7. ~Questions Quiz
8. ~Pictionary~ 

Severance's second grade class artwork

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