Transplanting knapweed

You want to transplant large intack tap rooted spotted (or diffuse) knapweed into your insectaries to raise Cyphocleonus and Agapeta.  After having pulled them, trimmed them, and moistened them you need to rapidly get them into the ground with out them drying out or getting too hot in the sunlight.
    Make sure the transplant hole is deep enough that the taproot will not be exposed after transplanting and as the soil around the plant settles.  This will cause the plant to dry out and die.
Dig your holes

Make sure the plant is deep enough for the WHOLE tap root to be well covered:

Carefully fill in the hole around the root.  Being careful not to have any air pockets, have the plant deep enough, and to not damage the root or plant.

Finished transplant with a slight "well" or depression around it for water to collect while watering.  Now the hard part is keeping the plant wet until it becomes well established (1-2 months).

Photos by T. Breitenfeldt.  6-02.

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