Whitehall Project Benefits: 
The project will:

1) mass rear two species of biological control insects for spotted knapweed (the root boring weevil Cyphocleonus achates (1000-3000) and the root boring moth Agapeta zoegana (500-1000)) in insectaries for release to help control spotted knapweed.

2) monitor, release, and redistribute over 20 other species of biocontrol agents.

3) provide easy to locate records of all release sites in Jefferson and North Madison Counties using GPS units, computer mapping and paper records maintained at each County and at Whitehall High School (WHS).

4) provide yearly contact with owners who have release sites and these owners can decide on the type of activity they would like on their sites including: no monitoring, monitoring, redistribution on their land or other sites, and/or a net day.

5) collection and redistribution/release of biocontrol agents throughout the Counties and if numbers warrant, to other areas within Montana.

6) hold net days where land owners within the Counties can come collect biocontrol agents for redistribution onto their property as they see fit.

7) provide educational tours, classes and work shops about weed control and produce a weekly summer column (Whitehall Weed Whackers) educating people about noxious weed control in the Whitehall Ledger.

8) bring together all aspects of the community (WHS students, general public, land owners, industry, city, county, state and federal governments and land management agencies) to increase weed awareness and fight weeds.

9) create 3 good quality jobs for high school students that provide scientific field experience, a work/service ethic, fun and good pay.  Also, summer 2 jobs for WHS teachers.

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