Whitehall Project Objectives For 2003: 
1) To continue to maintain and improve the insectaries at Whitehall High School (WHS) where we mass rear two species of Biological control insects for spotted knapweed (the root boring weevil Cyphocleonus achates and the root boring moth Agapeta zoegana) in insectaries for release.

2) To mass rear two toadflax eating biocontrol agents (Mecinus janthinus and Eteobalea intermediella) in 6' x 6' x 12' insect cages set up within toadflax infestations near Boulder.  We have the five insect cages and will collect or receive these insects from US and Canadian sources.

3) To GPS map (and maintain accurate, easy to follow directions to the sites), photograph and monitor all biocontrol release sites in Jefferson County and Madison County.

4) To yearly contact all land owners who have mapped biocontrol release sites to educate them about IPM and to monitor and redistribute the biocontrol agents as the owners see fit.

5) To collect and redistribute biocontrol agents throughout Jefferson and Madison Counties and to make several out of county collection trips if numbers warrant.

6) To locate suitable release sites and make the releases when the counties produce or receive biocontrol releases from outside sources.

7) To hold public collection (net) days open to county residents and if numbers warrant for other needy parties where people can collect biocontrol agents them selves (which gives them "ownership" in the release) and take them home to their land for release as they see fit.  Out of area owners will be charged prices similar to commercial amounts.

8) To hold educational tours, classes and work shops about weed control and produce a weekly summer column (Whitehall Weed Whackers) about noxious weed control in the Whitehall Ledger.

9) To tie all this activity into weed education at Whitehall High School and the mtwow.org web site.

10) To bring together all aspects of the community (students, general public, land owners, industry, city, county, state and federal governments and land management agencies) to increase weed awareness and fight weeds.

11) To create 3 good quality jobs for high school students that provide scientific field experience, a work/service ethic, fun and good pay.

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