Summary of Whitehall Project: 
Whitehall High School Insectary, Greenhouse and Mapping Project Summary 2002.

a) Purpose: To: 1) mass rear biological control agents of noxious weeds in insectaries for distribution, 2) map and monitor biological control agent release sites, 3) collect, distribute and redistribute biological control agents, 4) cooperate with all private and public weed fighters, and 5) educate about solving the problem of noxious weeds.  [See Accomplishments below.]

b) Conserve Natural Resources: By being one of the strong noxious weed control tools of IPM in the area, the project does and will help: 1) increase usable forage where weed densities decrease, 2) decrease soil erosion where native plants replace noxious weeds, 3) increase public awareness of the noxious weed problem through education, and 4) locate and utilize population bursts of biological control agents in the field for distribution.

c) Numbers: Over 120 land owners (both private individuals and public agencies), over 80 Whitehall School students yearly work with the mass rearing and web site, plus many who read the Whitehall Ledger Weed Whackers articles and many others who use the web site.

d) Who Will Work: The work will be completed by Whitehall High School Teachers Todd Breitenfeldt and Mike Battaiola, plus 2.5 WHS students hired for the summer.

e) Advance Conservation District Work: The project will enhance the District's weed fighting and IPM/conservation education efforts. HOME        Back to Whitehall Project