How to Become a Site Sponsor

1) Choose areas within the Weed Fighting Companies / Site Sponsors section and one other page within the site [excluding the HOME PAGE - which will have no banners] where you want your Banner to be.

2) E-mail these locations along with your company information to Mr. Breitenfeldt the site supervisor:

3) Please e-mail all images in .jpg format.  If you have a banner already, please format it to 60 x 500 pixels.  If you would like, the students will make a banner to your specifications and approval.  You are quite welcome to use this banner in any of your other adds.

4) Approve banner and locations.

5) Send sponsorship check:
Cost: $20.00/year, due by January 31st each year.  Make checks payable to: Whitehall High School/Web Site.  Send checks to: Whitehall Schools, web site
P.O. Box 1109
Whitehall, MT, 59759.

Thank You! :-)

Benefits: Banners (60 x 500 pixels) of your design or designed with your approval by Whitehall High School students.  Banners in each section of the Weed Fighting Companies / Site Sponsors section that applies to your company.  One other banner on the bottom of another page of your choice within the site [excluding the HOME PAGE - which will have no banners].   The $20.00 per year is a donation to a public school and is probably tax deductible.
Listing: Site sponsor banners listed in alphabetical order above Non site sponsor links - also listed in alphabetical order, all be company name.

1) To provide WHS students experience with: a) noxious weed control, and b) using the Internet.
2) To promote all aspects of weed control by providing as complete a listing as possible of weed fighting companies - so as to help weed fighters locate them.
3) To defray the costs of hosting and building this nonprofit web site.

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