Insectary Views, Ag. Experiment Station, Corvallis, MT.
Jim Story

Photos from the 1-day seminar: How To Replicate The Whitehall Project, Victor, MT 4-10-05.  Photos by Todd Breitenfeldt.

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Class listening to Jim Story talk all about how to mass rear the knapweed root boring weevils Cyphocleonus achates in insectaries.  Note the old cage frames in the background.  These were for the root boring moth Agapeta zoegana.  These moths are now established throughout the Bitterroot Valley but do not seem to have the impact that the Cyphocleonus weevils do.  Therefore, the focus of the operation has shifted to the weevils which do not fly and need to be reared and released in large numbers through out the State.

The Ag. Exp. Station produces about 30,000 weevils a year!

Note the staking to hold the flashing (insect corral) in place.  The tall fence posts are for the bird netting.  The angled cover is for shade so reflected sunlight does not "cook" the weevils on very hot summer days.

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