Cultural Control of meadow hawkweed (Hieracium pratense, H. floribundum, H. piloselloides)

Sheep: Will eat the plant but will not completely eliminate the weed. (1), (2)

Goats: Will eat the plant but will not completely eliminate the weed. (2), (3)

Tilling (Plowing), Cultivating: Doing this annually will control the weed but will not rid you of the weed completely. (3) This will help the crops to out compete the weed. (4)
Hand Pulling: Pulling the weed takes care of it.  Be careful not to drop any seeds. Put the weed in a plastic bag. (1)  [Always wear gloves when pulling noxious weeds] 
Controlled Burning: Burning the weed is a good way to dispose of it. (1) 
Seeding/Reseeding:  Keep the grass and a strong plant community growing so it competes with the hawkweeds and prevents them from growing. (5)

Grazing Methods: No available information [please email the site supervisor if you have or know of some info., Thanks  TB] 
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By: Kaylyn Lucas  3/4/04     -     Updated: Julia Terrel 2/26/09

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