Wasted Space
     Weeds Waste Space!

The Pretty Little Flower
There once was a beautiful flower
a splendid, native flower
the beautiful little flower
made it's home in a little meadow
everyone loved this little flower
until one terrible day
when a weed came up
to spoil her play
the little flower tried to be nice
even shared her little home
and offered the weed to use her phone
the weed wasn't so nice
he was filled with morbid delights
the poor flower didn't see it coming
ntil the weeds were interwoven
they had taken up her home
and now she is forbodden
This is the story
of the little flower
whose life was ruined
by a stupid weed

by: WHS Student

If you haven't already noticed the space on the left side of all of our webpages, there's a green weedy looking strip without text or photos with the words "War on Weeds" running up the page.  We leave this space empty to represent instances like the story of the little flower.  Weeds waste space in our ecosystems by displacing our useful native plants with a foreign non-native invader that the ecosystem is not able to handle.  We don't want to hurt anymore poor little native, useful flowers, so everytime you see this wasted space on the left side of our webpages think of all the space that weeds are wasting!  And then, think of what you can do to help solve the problem and go out and do it!

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