Cultural Control of orange hawkweed (Hieracium aurantiacum)

Sheep: No available information  

Goats: No available information                 
Digging:  With places with small patches of the weed, digging gets rid of it.  Make sure to dig deep to get the belowground growth of the weed, because any little piece left will result in a new plant.  After you dig the weed up make sure to either burn it or put it into a spot where it can do no harm (1).

Cultivation: Cultivate the land annually to control the weeds (2).                      
Hand Pulling: This works, grab at the root and pull up, make sure to gather all fallen weed pieces.  Be sure to put the weed in a plastic sack to prevent spreading the seeds (3).

Seeding/Reseeding: Keep your grass growing and it will compete with the weeds and suppress them (4).  Use other plants to compete with the weeds.  The plants either will smother or out compete the weeds (5).   
Watering: No available information 

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By: Kaylyn Lucas  3/4/04
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