PESTICIDES                                            Product Disclaimer
Sterilants insects, vertebrates
Acaricide mites, ticks
Algaecide algae
Attractant insects, birds, other vertebrates
Avicide birds
Bactericide bacteria
Defoliant unwanted plant leaves
Desiccant unwanted plant tops
Fungicide fungi
Growth Regulator insect and plant growth
Herbicide weeds
Insecticide insects
Molluscicide snails, slugs
Nemiticide nematodes
Piscicide fish
Predacide vertebrates
Repellents insects, birds, other vertebrates
Rodenticide rodents
Silvicide trees and woody vegetation
Slimicide slime molds

    Pesticide includes all things listed on the chart above.  Pest meaning nusiance
and Cide meaning to control.  Three main objectives of pesticides are to prevent damage, suppress damage to an acceptable level or eradicate the population. Therefore, the majority of  people use a pesticide to some extent whether it be aerosol cans, fly strips, parasite control in pets, as well as to control damage in either plant and animal life forms.  Bio control in different forms is fast becoming popular but pesticides are part of the management scheme to produce food, fiber, and comfort for the American people.

By: Drew Malchi                        5/20/02
Taken from :

Jerry F. Weber
Carbon County Weed District
Joliet, Montana

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