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Montana Extension Publications and Videos Catalog  Publications and videos available through Montana State University Extension Service.

Invaders Database System, University of Montana  The INVADERS Database is a comprehensive database of exotic plant names and weed distribution records for five states in the northwestern United States. The spatial and temporal spread of weeds can be displayed using the historic distribution records in INVADERS. The INVADERS web site contains actual examples of how land management and weed regulatory agencies are using these data to improve their weed management programs. Noxious weed listings are provided for the 48 contiguous US states and six southern tier Canadian provinces.

Montana Noxious Weed Survey and Mapping System - Mission: To enhance the effectiveness of weed management by developing and implementing a standardized weed mapping system for Montana. 
Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook  Purpose: This handbook is designed as a quick and ready reference of weed control practices used in various cropping systems or site/situations in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Because chemical regulation of plant growth is complex and requires considerable knowledge, a large portion of the handbook is devoted to registered uses of herbicides, crop desiccants, and some plant growth regulators. Most uses of chemical regulators are based on research results of the Agricultural Experiment Stations or the Oregon State University Extension Service and the neighboring states of Idaho and Washington where circumstances are similar.  Otherwise, a few suggestions are included from research conducted in other states or from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Center at Beltsville, MD. In all cases, authors make every effort to list only registered herbicides and to ensure that the information conforms with product labels and company recommendations. 
U.S. Government Printing Office The Catalog of Government Publication is available electronically to the public through GPO Access. It provides bibliographic records of U.S. Government information sources pertaining to your search topic.

United States Department of Agriculture The USDA may be contacted directly for information specific to them.  The USDA also has a PLANTS National Database .

The National Agricultural Library Homepage Located in Beltsville, MD, this U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) library contains a wealth of information.

National Biological Information Infrastructure The NBII is an electronic gateway to biological data and information maintained by federal, state, and local government agencies; private sector organizations; and other partners around the nation and the world.

AgNIC Home Page AgNic is a distributed network that provides agriculture-related information to the public. It was begun as a cooperative effort between the National Agricultural Library (above), land-grant universities and other organizations wishing to combine access to agricultural and related information resources.

Weed Science Laboratory This laboratory is instrumental in the sustainable agriculture programs at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, a division of the USDA in Beltsville, MD. This site includes weed science links.

Herbicide Resistant Weeds The results of the International Survey of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds are posted at this web site.  The purpose of this survey is to monitor the evolution of herbicide-resistant weeds and assess their impact throughout the world.  At this web site you can view current lists of herbicide-resistant weeds, view a paper and summary graphs of the survey, and register new occurrences of herbicide-resistant weeds.  Searches available.

Weeds and Control North Dakota State University NDSU Extension Service Weeds and Control Publications.

Government Documents/Maps, Libraries, University of Maryland Mckeldin Library has an extensive collection of government documents of all types and is a federal depository of government publications.

AGRICOLA Home Page Online Public Access Catalog:  Describes the books, serials, audiovisuals, and other resources held by NAL and its Cooperators.  Journal Article Citation Index: Describes journal articles, book chapters, short reports, and reprints.

CAB International  (CABI) is an international, intergovernmental, not-for-profit organization established by a treaty-level Agreement among its Member Countries. Its mission is to help improve human welfare worldwide through the dissemination, application and generation of scientific knowledge in support of sustainable development, with emphasis on agriculture, forestry, human health and the management of natural resources, and with particular attention to the needs of developing countries.

The Global Plant & Pest Information System growing daily this global database has huge potential with online editing and realtime updates.  You can become an editor!

Plant Conservation Alliance - Alien Plant Working Group is a web-based project of the Plant Conservation Alliance's Alien Plant Working Group, that provides information for the general public, land managers, researchers, and others on the serious threat and impacts of invasive alien (exotic, non-native) plants to the native flora, fauna, and natural ecosystems of the United States.

Biota of North America Program BONAP contains the BONAP's phytogeographic data current to August, 1999, as part of a cooperative effort with USDA/APHIS Center for Plant Health Science and Technology. For more information on BONAP, please go to the (BONAP) main site.


Weed Science Society of America - Photo Herbarium

TerraServer Homepage - satellite generated maps.

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