Sweep Netting Flea Beetles

Vic Roberts collecting flea beetles.  Note the extra net bag tucked into his pocket.  That bag is to put collections from his sweep net into as it gets too full of beetles so he can stay out longer.

Students sweep netting flea beetles.  Note the hill side behind them full of dead spurge that 2 years ago was yellow with spurge.

Student with a net full of flea beetles.  When your net gets this full you have to be careful not to let the weiight of beetles kill (squish) the beetles or, let them bounce off the ground and be squished.  They also generate much heat and must be quickly put into the accelerator and seperated so their own heat does not kill them.

Happy teacher and student with a net full of flea beetles.  Photos above by Todd Breitenfeldt.

Photo below by Nelson Godbolt.

Todd with several nets full of flea beetles dumped into his net for quick transport to the accererator.

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