Tall Buttercup
Family: Ranunculacae
Ranunculus acris    

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tall buttercup plant
tall buttercup flowers
Photos from  http://www.invasive.org/browse/subject.cfm?sub=6285 and  http://www.forestryimages.org/browse/detail.cfm?imgnum=1554318

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Habitat:  wet pastures , meadows, open area. (1)

Seeds: About 1/8 of an inch long, oval with tooth like hook on end. (2)(3)

Leaves/Stems: Usually 1 stem, 12-40 inches tall, with many branches. Hairy and soft. Leaves having 5 spears, flat, spread widely. (3)  

Roots: fiberous roots, very thick, hairy (3)

Flowers: Three to 5 petals( about 1 in in diameter), golden/ yellow color, hairey center. Usually on end of long stem from top. (1) (3)

Note: If eaten (usually by horses) the plant produces an acrid juice that makes the lips swell and is very painfull. This is a perennial plant. (1) (3)

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