Whacked out Weeds

    Whitehall High School students Dylen Mead and Sean Cronan taught Whitehall 4th graders. Mrs. Dean was nice enough to let us come in and teach her 4th grade class about weeds. Here is what we taught them: We talked about weeds and what they do that are harmful. We asked if they knew what a weed was. Then we taught them ways to kill weeds. The two weeds that we showed and described to them were leafy spurge and Dalmatian toad flax. We gave them pictures of each weed to color. In the end we gave them a quiz and overall they understood why weeds are bad and what they do.

Below are a few pictures from Mrs. Deans class. Taught by WHS students Dylen Mead and Sean Cronan.

First place went to Brock Johnson

Second place went to Kiley Staples

Third place went to Garret Briggs.

The above pictures were chosen by Dylen Mead and Sean Cronan.

Curriculum: What we did first was find pictures for the students to color from http://www.nps.gov/plants/color/northwest/com.htm  which is a great web site for pictures of weeds.  Then we used leafy spurge and Dalmatian toad flax and had Mrs. Dean's class color them.
Thank You!  Mrs. Dean!!  :-)

Written by: Dylen Mead and Sean Cronan, 2/20/08

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