Student Noxious Weed Artwork

scotch_broom_line_drawing  by Brooke Svejkovsky '08
blueweed_line_drawing by Brooke Svejkovsky '08
Pencil_Sketch_Flowering_Rush  by Brooke Svejkovsky '08
by Caitlin Jones '08
Pencil_Sketches_Chrysolina_hyperici_&_Mecinus_janthinus  by Caitlin Jones '08
Urophora affins - pencil sketch  by Lonnie McDonald '08.
Oberea erythrocephala -pencil sketch  by Lonnie McDonald '08.
Galerucella calmariensis - Pencil Drawing  by Lonnie McDonald '08.
Chamaesphecia crassicornus (clear wing moth) by Lonnie McDonald '08.
Aplocera plagiata - pencil drawing  by Lonnie McDonald '08.
Noxious Weed Poem: I am what I am  by R. I. '08
leafy spurge by Nichole Near '01.
leafy spurge hawk moth by Nichole Near '01.
spotted knapweed with weevil by Loni Amos '99.
Dalmatian toadflax by Nichole Near '01.
Canada-thistle-pencil-drawing by Cody O'Donnell '02.
Dalmiation-toadflax-linedrawing-2 by Carmen Uptmor '02.
tall-buttercup-line-drawing- by Cindy Anderson '02.
spotted knapweed weevil line drawing  by Jared Woody '05.
Dalmatian toadflax Plant & Control Agent Artwork  Michaela H. '06. 
Dalmatian toadflax  by Mirriah P. '07. 
Eurasian watermilfoil  by Mirriah P. '07. 
Field bindweed 
by Mirriah P. '07. 
Sulfer cinquefoil 
by Mirriah P. '07. 
Tall buttercup 
by Mirriah P. '07. 
yellow starthistle  by Mirriah P. '07.
field bindweed  by Kelly Wanner '07 
orange hawkweed 
by Kelly Wanner '07
ox-eye daisy 
by Kelly Wanner '07
St. Johnswort 
by Kelly Wanner '07
tall buttercup 
by Kelly Wanner '07
yellow flag iris  by Kelly Wanner '07
Galerucella pusilla and Galerucella calmariensis  by Ua Ita, '09.
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum ox-eye daisy by Ua Ita, '09.
ox-eye daisy  by Amanda Reed '09.
Aphthona cypanssiae  by Amanda Reed '09.
Lesson by: Colleen and Tawyna, Kindergarten, 2009.

Lesson by Brittaney and Cody, houndstongue, 3rd grade, 2009.

Lesson by: Forrest and Marcus, weeds, elementary mixture of students, 2009.

4th grade artwork
Whacked Out Weeds  lesson by Dylen Mead and Sean Cronan '08, 4th grade class 3 best.

More 4th grade teaching and artwork.  A lesson by Taylor and Brady '09.
Casey W. - weevil
Cullen F. - field bind weed  
Hannah W. - weevil
Jeremy J. - Clusiaceae 
Jeremy J. - weevil 
Jody W. - weevil
4th grader, Whitehall - weevil
Jeremy G. - weevil
Jeremy G. - Canada thistle
More weevil drawings

2nd grade knapweed lesson - taught by 2 sophomores.
2nd & 3rd grade lesson - taught by 2 sophmores

Cyphocleonus achates
By Bobbi Jo C.  2004.

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