Teaching a Fourth Grade Class!

Summary of Mrs. Dean's Fourth Grade Class:
 Taught by Brady Murphy and Taylor Gooch, 2/09.
Our curriculum had a goal. Our goal was to educate  young fourth graders on a serious problem, knapweed. To our surprise these young  kids knew quite a bit about knapweed. When we were teaching we focused on the biological control of knapweed. We talked to the kids about weevils and how they help our farms, gardens and parks. We had them color pictures of  kanpweed and weevils as part of a coloring contest we had. We are showing off the best of the best of the weevils and the knapweed from the fourth grade class. We had our sophomore  Molecular  Biology  class vote on the top five that we selected.  Below you can see the winners of the weevil and knapweed coloring contests. 

First place in the Weevil contest was Jacob F.

More Weevil Colorings

First place in the Knapweed contest was Kyle.
More Knapweed Colorings

Cirriculum: First we created an outline of what we were going to teach the kids.  At first we asked the kids questions such as "Do you guys know what knapweed is?"  Surprisingly many of the kids knew what knapweed was and had many stories to share about it.  When we asked the kids to name ways to remove knapweed they said you could pull it, spray it with chemicals, plow it, and burn it.  They were very surprised when we told them that there is an insect that can kill knapweed.   We explained to them what a weevil was and how it killed the knapweed.  They had many questions about weevils such as "how big are they?" and "Where can you find them?"  After all of the questions about knapweed we had the kids color pictures of weevils and knapweed.  We had many good pictures along some very interesting and colorful pictures. 

Special thanks to Mrs. Dean for letting us teach her class! We really appreciate it.

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