Breann Griffin

Birth date: April 18th, 1990
Born in: Butte, Montana
Nickname:  Wildthing, Bran
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color:  Brown
Favorite Snapple: Raspberry
Favorite Gum: Orbitz Sweet Mint
Most Hated Noxious Weed:  Russian Knapweed
Favorite Biocontrol Agent:  Cyphocleonus achates
Favorite Insectary Tool:  clippers
Favorite Collecting Site:  Victor

                   Um, Hi, my name is Breann Griffin.  This particular part of the webpage is supposed to be dedicated to you reading the entire history of my life and hearing about everything that I think is cool about me.  I, however, find that awkward and difficult to do, so here you go, my rendition of the "about me" section. 

              Favorite Part of the Job:
- Dane Cook
- The conversations that kept us entertained for hours upon hours in the insectories
- Setting up the sprinkler, and doing it wrong
-Pruning knapweed, that's right, pruning knapweed
- Clipping trees into weevils
- Collecting Cypho
-Chatting easily about the connection between leafy spurge and oil prices
- Random facts
- Lunchtime and Wikipedia
- Listing as many knoxious weeds in the ditch as we can
- Preparing for classes
- Singing horribly while driving down the road
- Michaela's fear of bees and spiders (which really isn't that bad, unless you throw one at her)
- Chatting with landowners about the pelicans eating their fish and how their extreme mix of tordon killed their 12 feet tall cottonwoods
- Visiting the Amish and stealing souls
- Transplanting
- Crawdads

Least Favorite Part of the Job:
- Digging trench crooked, even with a line
- Collecting flea beetles
- Driving to Fish Creek
- Russian Knapweed
- Shoveling wood chips
- Hoeing
- Opening coolers with melted ice and dead flea beetles in them
- Nelson messing up my radio
- Cheese on my seatbelt
- Hawkmoths
-half chewed cherries flying about my car...
- Awshra

    So, there you go, this would be a brief summary of my life at the job.  Thanks to this job I will live an extra 30 years because of how much I laugh in a day.  In all reality I love this job, my days go by quickly and "Monday mornings" really aren't that bad.  Basically, I'd rather be outside doing something very worthwhile than flipping burgers and smelling like grease.  Most bosses are the uptight, scheduled, list oriented type.  Not mine.  You can be anywhere doing anything at any given moment.  There's never the akward silence most people get with their bosses, we're always talking about the most random things.  Truth be told, I have the best and most relaxed job, coworkers, and bosses around.

Now a final line for my coworkers to enjoy:
-"I love watching the deer in my yard, and the elk walk across the hill."
- Insectory conversations *think wrestling*
- Stamps
- Wake up!!!
- Waxed Floors
- I'm so in LOVE!
- You're FIRED!
and last but not least...
"What??  I hope it wasn't on my coat!"  Then BOOM!  You're a phantom!

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