MLA Works Cited
Cheat Sheet
To Be Kept in Your Notes Forever
By Mrs. Harper

The Rules:
  1. Alphabetize your entries by author’s last name, do not number them.
  2. If you don’t know the author, alphabetize by the title of the book or article.
  3. Your title is Works Cited underlined and in the same font and size as the rest.
  4. Double space and indent the second line of any entry that is over one line. To do this sometimes you have to hit “enter” at the end of the line, them tab it in.
  5. When you list a magazine or Internet date, use day, month, year format:  4 May 1990 if it's a weekly or Oct 2004 if it's a monthly.
  6. With multiple publishers, give the one on the spine of the book.
  7. With multiple years, give the most recent one.
  8. With multiple locations, use the one closest to you in the USA.
  9. Follow the punctuation below exactly.
  10. Works cited pages are a separate page at the end of your paper.  

                             Should look like this without the italicized parts...

Works Cited

Bucher, Douglas. “Scholarships: Going for the Gold.” Kaplan College Resource Guide.

May 2004: 131-132.

Last name,  first name. “Article title.” Magazine name. Publication date: page range.

Goose, Mother. “Little Boy Blue.”  Mother Goose’s Greatest Hits.  Ed. Clayton Tackett.

Whitehall: Big Jeff Press, 2003. 46-49.

Last name, first name. “Story or poem title.” Title of the Book You Found It In.  Ed. First

Name Last Name. Location: Publisher, year. Page range.

Harper, Holly. By Any Other Name. Whitehall: HarperWorks, 2004.

Last name, first name. Underlined book title. Location of publication: publisher, year.

---. Why I Love the Class of 2005. Whitehall: HarperWorks, 2004.

If the author is listed twice, put three dashes and a period, then the same info as above.

Harper, Holly and Sammie Lesser. By Any Other Name. Whitehall: HarperWorks, 2004.

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