Michaela OlsonMichaela

Birth date: October 28, 1889
Born in:  Butte, Montana
Nickname:  DJ Piddler
Eye Color:  Brown  
Hair Color:   Brown
Favorite Snapple: Peach  
Favorite Gum:  Orbitz Original/ Watermelon Twist
Most Hated Noxious Weed: Russian Knapweed
Favorite Biocontrol Agent:  Cyphocleonus achates
Favorite Insectary TooL:  Clippers
Favorite Collecting Site:  Victor
Tell Us More!!!!

    One of the hardest tasks in life to do is write about yourself.  For example, you don't want to come off as arrogant, but at the same time you don't want to not give yourself enough credit... So with that being said I'll start off by saying " Hi...My name is Michaela...and it is neat!" On average I will have more fun in one day than you will in your entire life (that is, unless you work with me)..... I'm actually quite conceited and I let everyone on the job know that " I make the job...without me...It would be nothing!"... I guess you could say I’m the “jokester” of the group…I always have my iPod in one ear and occasionally find myself singing and dancing interpretively while in the middle of a sea of knapweed … while on the road I like to sit in the back and poke my head in the front between Breann and Nelson and make up new hand movements to the current song we happen to be listening to at the time…  Since this job I no longer look at the road while driving…my attention is now turned elsewhere...the fields lining the road… I’ve been known to stop the car, jump out, and start pulling looking for signs of any insect infestation in the roots… with all truth being known…I love my job!...I feel that I shouldn’t get paided for it… The work day consists of eight hours of weeds, laughter, and insects…what a perfect combination… Nelson, Breann, and myself probably have the best bosses that anyone could ask for… Mr. Breitenfeldt and Mr. Battaiola are both extremely relaxed/ intelligent/ witty… I think if truth be known they would admit we are their favorite “crew”..but shhhh...we don’t want the other’s feelings to be hurt…

Favorite Parts of the Job:
 ~ Hanging out Breann and Nelson…ALLLLLL day!
 ~ Dane Cook
 ~ Travel Time
 ~ Pulling “McGeyver”
 ~ Checking out hotties with Breann while Mr. B is driving
 ~ Visiting the "Torture Palace"
 ~ Lunch breaks and Wikipedia
 ~  Dealing with landowners
 ~ Nelson's Random facts
 ~ Trips to the Amish
 ~ Soul Stealing
 ~ Scared Moose
 ~ Breaking out of Breann's trunk
 ~ Transplanting
 ~ Bee Fights!!
~ Crawdads
~ Giving Nelson Pointers
~ Pruning Trees into Cypho.

Worst Parts of the Job:
~ Waxed Floors
~ Hoeing the Insectories
~ Hawk Moths
~ Collecting Flea Beetles
~ Shoveling Woodchips
~ Nelson messing with Breann's radio
~ Nelson slamming the doors/ trunk
~ Greenhouse

So in closing I will say, I'm actually quite sad to be leaving the job once summer ends and am looking forward to see what next summer holds in store...

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