Whitehall Project Summer Class 2008

THE WHITEHALL PROJECT: Biological Control of Weeds 2008
“A Replicable Weed Fighting Strategy”
1 Credit or Teacher Recertification Credits
U of M Western Out Reach

July 7-9 +10-11 Optional Insect Collection Extension
Whitehall High School, Whitehall, MT 59759
Between Butte & Bozeman on I-90

A class about noxious weeds in Montana, weed education and how to create a weed education and biological weed control program at your school. 

Includes: Optional 2-day extension to collect many noxious weed eating insects for you to take home!  Come home with a Program, the knowledge and the weed eating insects so you and your students can be part of the solution to noxious weeds!

Instructors: Whitehall Teachers Todd Breitenfeldt and Mike Battaiola.

Mission Statement: 1) To have noxious weed education in every school in Montana and the State standards, 2) to have a knapweed insectary in every Montana County with a sizable knapweed infestation, and 3) to have programs in every Montana County that can find and utilize significant “bursts” of biocontrol agents as they occur.

E-mail: tbreit@whitehallmt.org
Funding Provided By: Montana DOT, Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund, BLM, & Jefferson Co

The class includes how to:
1) Create a knapweed insectary.
2) Rear/collect/release bio-control agents.
3) GPS/GIS map/monitor and digital photograph release sites.
4) Use noxious weed curriculum.
5) Make web pages using Netscape.
6) Grant writing, creating a summer biological weed control program.
7) Collection of several species of leafy spurge, knapweed (and perhaps toadflax) eating insects to take home.
8) Optional 2-day extension to collect leafy spurge eating flea beetles and other weed eating insects
9) The first ten teachers to sign up will receive mileage, meals and room costs.

What to bring:
A vehicle that can drive on dirt roads (to drive to collection sites), work gloves and boots (to pull and transplant knapweed into an insectary), field and all weather clothing (because we will be out DOING all these strategies, not just talking about them), and a large cooler (to take home your haul of weed eating insects!).
Motels: Chief Motel 287-3921, Rice Motel 287-3895, Super 8 287-5588 or 800-800-8000, Whitetail Creek Motel and RV Park 287-5315. Class is Free.  Credit info. call UM Western: 1-866-799-9140.  Credit = $115.00

You are welcome to camp on the school grounds or in the area if you wish.

Summer Class
Summer Class collecting Larinus and Agapeta, knapweed eating insects - near Lewis & Clark Caverns.

Class Outline:
Day I, Mon. July, 7th
Continental Breakfast: 7:30-8 AM

I. Introduction: the weed problem
(1h, 8-9 AM)
    A. Why are weeds?
        1. Noxious weeds, Weed ID
        2. Solutions
    B. Review of Whitehall Project.
II. Greenhouse rearing-how to (1h, 9-10AM).

III. Insectary rearing- how to (3.5h, 10-noon - lunch
 - 1-2:30 PM)
    A. Goals and objectives
    B. Insect life cycles.

IV. Collect/redistribution (2.5h, 2:30-5pm)
    A. Goals and objectives
    B. Example insect life cycles
    C. Insect field collection.
Bar-B-Q Followed By Weed Movies

Day 2, Tue. July 8th
Continental Breakfast: 7:30-8 AM
(1h, 8-9 AM)
    A. Aspirate and count insects for release
    B. Prepare insects for transport, shipping

V.  Release site monitoring (1h, 9-10 AM)
    A. Importance of mapping
    B. Photo records/site information/GPS
    C. Monitoring video.

VI.   Make release (2h, 11-noon)
    A. Go to sites and release insects

        1. GPS/Photograph

        2. Record site data/map

    -Lunch in field- (1-4 PM)
    B. Collect bioagents for home release  

VII.    Mapping (1h, 4-5 PM)
    A. Review ArcView
        1. Map new release site
        2. Bring your own release site GPS waypoints if you have them!

Day 3, Wed. July 9th
Continental Breakfast: 7:30-8 AM

VIII. mtwow.org web site introduction  (2h 8-10 AM)
A. Detailed introduction to web site    
B. Teacher noxious weed curriculum.

C. How to write a web page
D. Write a web page for the mtwow.org site with a photo you took yesterday.

IX. Grant writing (2h, 10-noon)
A. The Whitehall Project funding/grants         
B.  Noxious Weed Trust Fund format
C. Other sources of funding
D. Write your own grant!

Lunch on own: Drive home or prep. for extension

E. Head home or stay to 5PM to continue working on grant + general discussion
F. If taking for credit: email or mail in completed grant as final project.
Optional 2-day Extension:
Days 4 & 5, Wed. & Thur. July 10-11th

X. Collect leafy spurge flea beetles (potentially 0.5-1.5 million!) in the Lewistown area (an over night trip) or a variety of insects for several noxious weeds locally (depending on availability).
    A. Take home many insects to release in your county & start your own program.  You should have insects for spotted knapweed, diffuse knapweed, leafy spurge and perhaps Dalmatian and yellow toadflax.

Registration Form:
Participant Name(s)_____________________________________________________

Mailing Address & Phone #_______________________________________________

E-mail & Other Contact Information_________________________________________
___For Credit.
___Not For Credit.
___Continuing Ed. 
I heard about this class from_______________________________________________
Class is free.  If taking for one credit = $115.00.  You may register at the start of the class. 
You may also take the class for Montana Teacher Continuing Ed. credits.
Bio. 491
Mail to:                                                     
Whitehall Project,
Whitehall Schools                                                    
P.O. Box 1109
Whitehall, MT 59759
School phone: 406-287-3862   Fax: 406-287-5508.   Todd Breitenfeldt: 406-287-5403 

Other Noxious Weed Information:

I. A second 3-day class (also taught by teachers Todd Breitenfeldt and Mike Battaiola) will be held in Elko, NV with no insect collection extension.
Titled: Bugs With An Attitude
Date: June 26-28th, 2008
Contact: Linda Ries: 1-801-625-5254, E-mail: laries@fs.fed.us
One Credit: U of M Western Out Reach
Teachers from several western states will attend so this class will be more general in scope with less emphasis on just Montana weeds/insects.

II. A third 3-day
class (also taught by teachers Todd Breitenfeldt and Mike Battaiola) will be held in Coeur d'Alene, ID with no insect collection extension.
Date: July 22-24, 2008
702 West Appleway,
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83815
Contact: Carol Randall [crandall@fs.fed.us]
One Credit: U of M Western Out Reach
Teachers from several western states will attend so this class will be more general in scope with less emphasis on just Montana weeds/insects.

III. A noxious weed curriculum is being developed in/for Montana. 
 You have the opportunity to be involved in this process and/or perhaps “test drive” the curriculum in your classroom!
knoweeds logo
Contact: Elaine Caton and Lisa Mills
Email: update soon.
For more information or to be added to the knoweeds contact list.

IV. Introduction to the What's In Your World noxious weed kit. 
Contact: Carla Hoops: choopes@montana.edu 

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