Bobbi Jo Crain

Birth date: September, 20 1986
Born in: Butte, Montana
Nickname:  Tiger, B.Jo, plus many more!
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color:  Blonde
Favorite Pop:
Mountain Dew
Favorite Candy:  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Most Hated Noxious Weed:
 Leafy Spurge
Favorite Biocontrol Agent:  Oberea erythrocephala
Favorite Insectary Tool:  The Hammer
Favorite Collecting Site:
 Grass Range

Tell Us More!!!!
    " Hello Everybody!  My name is Bobbi Jo.  I've lived here in Whitehall for almost eighteen years!  My bosses Mr. Breitenfeldt and Mr. Battaiola have taught a few of my older siblings.  They are going to have to put up with three more younger siblings after me too!  I am finally a senior and already can't wait to graduate.  Though I did have three exciting  years of high school.  Last year alone I was Homecoming princess, Prom queen, and M.V.P. in the band for playing my trumpet.  I also enjoy drawing and painting, and my artwork is going to be featured on a T-shirt worn by us weed fighters!!!  
   "This is my second summer working with the previously known Whitehall Project (currently WHE project).  One of my favorite parts of the job is seeing the effect the bugs have on the weeds, and the thrill of accomplishment Mr. Battaiola and Mr. Breitenfeldt share when seeing this.  We are always busy and if there is ever a lull while working, Mr. Breitenfeldt is sure to fill it!  But we have fun (or try to) even while doing the most monotonous tasks.  "Didn't I already clip this plant?"  Its been a great summer so far! HOME            WHE summer crew HOME