Major Themes of Biology

Mr. Breitenfeldt's Biology Classes                                                                                                        Name___________________________
1. The Cell Theory

    a. All cells come from other cells.
    b. Cells or their products are the basic unit of structure and function of all life.

2. The Gene Theory
    a. Genetic continuity from generation to generation.
    b. The DNA evolves.

3. The Theory of Evolution By Natural Selection  (EBNS)
    a. Natural selection is the mechanism of the process
    b. The progression of complexity from atoms to the biosphere.
    c. Classification of life by the theory of evolution (ebns).

4. The Germ Theory of Disease
    a. Pathogens and the immune system.
    b. History of modern medicine.
    c. Nonpathogenic diseases.  [not part of this theory!]

5. The Unity of All Life
    a. Biochemical similarities of all life.
    b. Homologous structures.
    c. The interdependence of all life within a system.

6. The Relation of Structure to Function
    a. Specific biological structures have specific functions.
    b. From the sub cellular to the ecosystem level.
    c. Convergent and divergent evolution.

7. Change - The Earth Is A Dynamic Planet As Are The Systems Upon It.
    a. Species change with changing systems.
    b. Species change ecosystems.
    c. Organisms react to change (stimuli).

8. Ecology
    a. Energy and matter flow patterns through ecosystems.
    b. Connectedness: everything is connected to everything else.
        1. Therefore, you cannot do JUST one thing.
    c. There is no free lunch.
    d. "Diversity tends towards stability."

Each semester test is based upon these major themes.  Be able to explain at least 20 ways that we have supported each of the 8 themes in this class.  Define/describe all terms and concepts used!!
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