Cultural Control For oxeye daisyoxeye daisy
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum

Photo by: Jane M. Krueger and Roger L. Sheley

Sheep and Goat: Sheep and goats work very well. They will graze on oxeye daisy every day.  Of all the animals, they have the most potential to lower the presence of oxeye daisy in your field. (1)

Hand Pulling: Hand pulling can work.  Although, it must be repeated over the next few years because the seeds may remain viable for a long time.  You need to make sure you pull out the whole root because the remaining roots can produce new plants. (1)
Controlled Burning: Burning doesn't work very well.  It won't kill the roots.  The roots can regrow. (1,2)

Cutting Flower Heads: Cutting flower heads doesn't work very well.  The remaining roots regrow. (1)

Mowing: Mowing is only a temporary solution because it may stimulate shoot production and subsequent flowering becasue it doesn't get rid of the roots.  You need to mow constantly for it to work just as a seed control method. (1,2)
Grazing: Proper grazing management will help with the prevention of oxeye daisy.  Oxeye daisy is generally not found in places where you have grazed intensely.  If oxeye daisy is already present in the area, then the density will increase with continuous cattle grazing.  However, you can decrease density by intensive cattle grazing. Intensive grazing will force cattle to eat oxeye daisy.  Also, cattle will trample oxeye daisy and reduce growth and vegetative reproduction. (1,2)
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By: Jim Thorne and Toby Marx   2/27/04

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