Parent/Guardian Information:                    2011/2012 

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Materials: Your fine student needs a note book- either spiral or 3-ring with much paper, a folder or two for passouts, a calculator and lots of pens/pencils.  Tenth grade Biology classes will need pins and a piece of Styrofoam, cardboard or cork board to make their insect collection.  They are required to collect 35 different species of hard bodied insects.  Tenth grade biology students will also need a clear quart/liter jar and occasionally some small food or household chemical items as the year progresses.  They may need a recorded TV commercial.  Students will receive a text book and are expected to: 1) keep it covered, 2) turn the pages respectfully, and 3) not store papers in the book (they damage the book’s back).

Home Work: Home work may include reading, insect collection, bird observations, writing paragraphs, labs, web pages, research papers, studying for quizzes and tests, etc..
Late Home Work: 1 Day Late = ½ Credit.   2 Days Late = 1/4 Credit.  3 Or More Days = 1/10 Credit.,
 -Two weeks before end of quarter, all late work =
Zero and will not be accepted.
 One GRACE-LATE per quarter:  GRACE-LATE OCCURS THE FIRST TIME EACH QUARTER AN ASSIGNMENT IS NOT TURNED IN ON TIME.  THE ASSIGNMENT WILL BE TURNED IN BY CLASS TIME THE NEXT DAY TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT.    --IF ABSENT, SEE STUDENT HAND BOOK.   Some extra credit is available but must be in 2 wks. before the end of the quarter.  Watch the lesson plan and home work due web pages for this.

Required Study Sessions: If a student falls behind in homework or has a low grade they may receive an RSS (required study session) to help them with their studies.  These can be in the morning, lunch or after school.  If the student has finished the missing homework, they will still be expected to study for this class during the RSS.  You will be notified in advance by note, phone or mail of the time of the RSS.

Discipline Procedures: If a student disrupts the educational process, they will be:
1st offense: Warned verbally
2nd offense: Isolated in lab or hallway - must make-up lost time in RSS.
3rd offense: Isolated in lab or hallway, discipline report, parental meeting, RSS, 4-Part Apology.

Communication: I invite and encourage you to call or E-mail me ( if you have questions or concerns (home: 287-5403, between 7 AM - 10 PM weekdays and 10 AM - 10 PM on weekends).  You can reach me at school (287-3862) from 3:18 to about 5 PM.  Also, please be cordially invited to attend the classes at any time!- just check in at the office before you come as per school policy.

Web Resources: The Weekly Lesson Plans and Homework Due are posted on the web site and/or on school web site usually Sunday evening or Mon. for that week.  See: and  There are also often useful links to passouts, home work advice, extra credit and help linked to these sites.  If you are not connected to the Internet, your student can print these off using a computer in the High School computer lab and bring these home to you each week.  As each week progresses, these pages become less up to date (I always over plan) therefore, teacher classroom instructions take precedence.

PASS System: Student is expected to have their PASS system number and will periodically check their on-line grades for accuracy.

Parents: please sign one copy of this Parent Information page and have your great student return it.  Keep the other copy for your records.  Be sure and visit the and school web sites. 

I am aware of the web resources for my student and myself.

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