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Per. 1- 6th Science.

Per. 2 - Molecular Bio.:

Per. 3 - Molecular Bio.:

Per. 4 - AP Biology:

Per. 6 - 6th Science:
Per. 7- 7th Life Science:

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A.P. Bio.: Cell wall poster '99-'00   ['00-'01]  ['02-'03]
Mol. Bio.: Pictures Example Research Papers: (1)

Example Research 7th Grade Paper     Cell Posters 7th Grade, 1999-2000

Extra Credit: Up to 10 pts. possible, one per quarter, due by two wks. before end of quarter:
Option 1: 1 pg. typed summary of biologically related magazine article, pre approved with teacher.
Option 2: Noxious weed web page,
pre approved with teacher.
Option 3: Review biology CD's for Mr. Breitenfeldt.

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